Macgo iPhone Explorer


Easily manage the content of your iPhone or iPod


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Macgo iPhone Explorer is an efficient tool with which you can manage the content of your iOS devices without much trouble. An ideal option for all those who can't cope with iTunes.

This program's interface is divided into several basic categories: files, user data, user apps, and system apps. From each of these options you can access much more information and control your device.

Macgo iPhone Explorer can be very helpful to back up the contents of your iPhone or iPod, delete files in a safe way (without leaving any traces on the device), protect your content, and also uninstall all those apps you no longer use and that consume space and slow down your device's performance.

Macgo iPhone Explorer also features a very simple way of copying or transferring files from your Mac to your iOS and vice versa. With this app, you can make sure you have a copy of all your favorite pictures and music, and also delete all the useless files that you no longer want to keep.

The trial version has limits on certain functions.